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  regular large
Garlic Prawns
fresh local prawns in creamy garlic sauce served with rice
12.00 16.00
Thai Salad gf
served with chicken or fried tofu
10.00 14.00
Pumpkin and Spinach Salad vg
with sundried tomato, red onions and pinenuts
14.00 18.00
Home made Soup of the Day
check board for todays choice
8.00 10.00
Salt and Pepper Calamari
with garlic aioli
10.00 12.50
Antipasto Platter
with home made dips
8.00 10.50
Chicken and Spinach Dumplings
with dipping sauce
7.00 10.00
Goats Cheese Tarts
with caramelised onion
8.00 10.50
Crispy Bocconcini
with tomato and garlic chutney
7.50 9.50

  regular large
Roasted Pork Tenderloin
served with wild mushrooms and red wine reduction
20.00 28.00
Beef Stroganoff
with fresh field mushrooms
18.00 22.00
Grilled Trout Fillets
served with fresh garden salad
18.50 23.00
Fillet Steak
served with steamed veges and pumpkin puree
23.00 28.00
Pork Confit
with pickled baby carrots, pork ham just and mustard
22.00 26.00
Grilled Chicken Breast
served with shallots and root vegetables
18.00 23.00
Thai Fish PIe
with tomato and avocado salsa
15.00 20.00
Beef Casserole
with thyme dumplings
15.00 20.00
Spinach Torte
served with fresh garden salad
16.00 22.00